Master’s students

Xiaohan (Crystal) Yang

Xiaohan joined UCL Chemistry as an UG student in 2019 and she is now a MSci (4th year UG) student in the group, working towards her master’s degree. Her master’s project is looking at hybrid-ion full cells in which K-ion could intercalate in the cathode during the discharge process, while Na-ion could intercalate in the anode during the charge process. The concept of this type of full cells is built on the group’s previous work that shows regulating the defect level of Prussian blue analogue cathodes can maximize K intercalation and minimize Na intercalation.

Nachuan Yang

Nachuan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Central South University in China in June 2022 and joined the group in the same year as a master’s student in the MSc program of Materials for Energy and Environment. He was involved in the research of alloying materials and Na-ion batteries during his undergraduate study. He is currently investigating Ca intercalation in layered phosphate materials for his research project.

Zekun Liu

Zekun obtained her bachelor’s degree in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern Polytechnical University (China) and Queen Mary University of London (UK) in 2022. She then continued her MSc study in Materials for Energy and Environment at UCL Chemistry and joined the group for a reseach project. The project investigates the K storage process and electrochemical mechanism of transition metal selenides.